Slipped Disc

Dr. Moore West Blocton Chiropractor #WestBloctonAL Hello folks! I am, Dr. Roger Moore, the number one chiropractor in West Blocton, Alabama and I would like to help all of you, young and old with any slipped disc problems that you may have. Not only can a slipped disc cause pain, tingling and numbness, it can affect your sleep and other functions as well. Instead of allowing a slipped disc cause you pain and other problems, it is important to get the help that you need right away.
There are far too many interesting activities in West Blocton to enjoy, and you will not be able to enjoy them if you are dealing with the problems caused by your slipped disc. Traditional medicine may not work out very well for you in all cases, and you may find yourself having surgery after medications have stop working. I want to help everyone in the West Blocton area to live comfortably. With careful manipulation and soft tissue massage, I can help restore some of the flexibility and range of movement in your back as well as relieving some of the pain that you are feeling. When traditional medicines and treatments have failed you, come see me, Dr. Moore at my West Blocton office for treatment. Of course, you will also have your own work to do, with special exercises that you will be encouraged to do at home. After a few treatments at my office located at 21840 Hwy 5, 35184, in addition to the exercises you are doing, you will be feel much better. I look forward to seeing you at my West Blocton office. Make an appointment today so that you can get back to feeling good as quickly as possible. The office is conveniently located at 21840 Hwy 5, 35184, and is open at hours that can serve you well. Get a FREE Consultation by calling (205) 938-2309 or clicking the link below

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